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Our Properties

Establishment of environmental policies and systems

The Group’s core business is property development and management. Recognising the potential impact of our business on the environment, we have put in place governing policies and systems, and have taken action to achieve the highest possible environmental standards across our portfolio. Most importantly, we acknowledge that we need to act now, without delay, as outlined in United Nations’ (“UN”) Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – Goal 13: Climate Action.

Guided by our Environmental Policy, we act to minimise the potential environmental impact of our development projects and manage the environmental risks throughout the life cycle of our properties. Environmental Management System (“EMS”) was set up in 2009 and has now been extensively adopted by the Group and different business branches in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and certified under ISO 14001:2015.

We established an Energy Management System (“EnMS”) and subsequently certified under ISO 50001:2011. The EnMS is designed to systematically monitor and continually enhance the energy performances of KPL’s Head Office and some of our managed properties in the Mainland. We aim to take forward its implementation and accreditation to include more managed properties in the Mainland.

We are also committed to managing our other social impacts and extending our responsible actions to partners along the supply chain. The Sustainable Procurement Policy Statement, for example, oversees the integration of fair and ethical principles within the procurement process. It is now applicable to all purchasing decisions of the Group.

At the asset level, we are expanding green building certification in our portfolio, including both new and existing properties. Green installations have also been added to properties under our management, such as solar panels on the rooftops, rain harvesting for irrigation, as well as plastic-bottle collection machines and food-waste decomposers.

Stakeholder engagement

To solicit greater participation by our stakeholders in our sustainability drive, new initiatives have been added to our property management arm’s “Environmental Movement”, along with other green activities designed to engage the occupants of our managed properties. The Group organises “Green Construction Site Award” annually to engage our project staff with contractors, and nurture their awareness of environmental issues at construction sites.

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