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Our Operation

Responsible consumption and production

KPL is a world-class property company with its major focus on developing and managing high-quality residential and mixed-use developments in the Mainland, Hong Kong and certain parts of Asia.

From the very beginning we have set out to operate in a manner that conserves and best utilises resources. We aim to give back to the community we serve, and to create a better living environment through the properties we develop, in the hope that generations to come may inherit a better future.

We apply principles of fairness and integrity in our dealings with staff, suppliers, partners, government agencies, and other key stakeholders, and place great value on the relationships we have developed with them over our long history. These principles are in line with our pledge to achieve United Nations’ (“UN”) Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Establishment of core policy statements, standardised practices and procedures

Through the establishment of a number of core policy statements, we ensure we are observing and conforming with these principles. The policy statements were updated in 2018, guiding our renewed efforts in implementing policies on fair competition, sustainable procurement, health and safety, customer relationship management, responsible marketing, anti-corruption measures and whistleblowing. To ensure that our policies stay up to date with global sustainability trends and relevant local regulations, they are being constantly reviewed and renewed.

To facilitate policy management and execution, we have established standardised practices and procedures, and ensure that sufficient and continuous training is provided to the staff members concerned. To effectively apply sustainability principles throughout the supply chain, regular sessions and seminars have also been held to engage our suppliers. As a further step, we utilise our various communication platforms for staff, tenants and residents to share sustainability information with them.

Health, safety, product and service quality

The Group places particular emphasis on health and safety (“H&S”), and has set up targets and a monitoring system in this respect. Our H&S management systems of some of our properties in the Mainland are certified under OHSAS 18001:2007, which is an international standard for identifying, controlling and minimising H&S risks within the workplace. Safety training and drills are carried out regularly. We are also concerned about the H&S of our other stakeholders, including our tenants and residents. To this end, we encourage our different business units to organise safety exercises as appropriate.

To ensure product and service quality, the certification of our Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015 has been extended to more properties. We are happy to see that our efforts have been recognised by major award schemes, including “Top 10 Developer Awards – Hong Kong” and “Six-Star Super Grade-A Building”.

Participating in social and green initiatives

The Group hopes to contribute to positive social and green initiatives by participating in relevant organisations. In 2018, we took part in the Green Council’s Sustainable Procurement Charter as a founding member. The charter was designed as a means to develop, document and implement sustainable procurement with reference to ISO 20400.

In early 2019, the Group also committed as one of the signatories of the Business Environment Council’s Low Carbon Charter to setting decarbonisation targets consistent with the direction of transitioning towards the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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