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Our Community

Community building

In addition to enjoying a healthy environment and a strong economy, sustainability is also about the well-being of people living in the community, as stated in United Nations’ (“UN”) Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. To enable us to make a positive contribution to society on an ongoing basis, we now utilise a variety of channels to understand community needs and engage local stakeholders in the process of community building.

Staff volunteering is an important element of the Group’s community service efforts. During the year, a number of volunteer activities were organised including elderly visits, beach cleaning, flag days and career advisory services for the youth. In early 2019, a corporate volunteer team was formed to drive further service initiatives and collaboration with social organisations.

Care for the underprivileged

Our community investments are focused on caring for the underprivileged, provision of opportunities for young people, and concern for the elderly. In addition to mobilising our volunteer team members to attend to their direct needs, we also utilise our venues, such as MegaBox, to host charity sales and community activities. To make community events even more enjoyable, our enthusiastic members have come up with many fun and creative ideas to match the meaningful causes of different charities.

Opportunities for youth development

The Group also continues to support various programmes for youth talent and career development. These include internship opportunities and learning sessions for students. Well-performing trainees of our “Customer Services Trainee Programme” were offered permanent positions at our property management arm upon completion of the programme.

Connection with local communities

Providing an environment in which communities can thrive is integral to the human element of our sustainability goals. We do this through the place-making initiative “KerryOn”, transforming areas in our commercial properties into venues for social engagement and meaningful activities. The ultimate goal is to build communities of people with shared values, and facilitate them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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